The DSB credit card from MasterCard is easy, practical and safe to use in Suriname and abroad. A credit card from MasterCard is accepted worldwide. This makes the credit card ideal for both travelling as well as internet shopping.

We distinguish 2 types of credit cards:
The DSB classic credit card with a spending limit of between USD 1,000 and USD 5,000
The DSB Gold credit card with a spending limit from USD 5,000

The DSB credit card offers many possibilities such as:


  • Through the DSB ATM requesting your available balance, withdrawing money, making transfers to your USD checking or savings account, partial or full payment of your outstanding balance, requesting an account overview and changing your PIN code.
  • Withdrawing money via every ATM in Suriname and abroad
  • Making payments via POS in Suriname and abroad
  • Requesting your balance via DSB Phone Banking, canceling a stolen or lost card and requesting an overview of the last 10 credit card mutations
  • Receiving an overview of mutations on your credit card account via DSB Internet Banking, requesting an available balance, making transfers to your USD checking or savings account, pay your outstanding balance partially or in full, cancelling a stolen or lost card and activating your credit card
  • Receiving announcements of your transactions via DSB SMS or DSB E-mail alert

In addition you benefit from the following benefit programs from MasterCard:


Type of DSB MasterCard



MasterCard Global Services












  • With MasterCard Global Services™ you receive around the clock assistance in case of theft or loss of a credit card
  • With MasterTravel™ you receive settlement in case of death, serious physical injury or paralysis if your ticket was paid in full with your DSB credit card
  • With MasterAssist™ you receive travel itinerary and other type of assistance when travelling abroad
  • With MasterRental™ you receive compensation in case of damage to a rental vehicle owing to a collision, theft or vandalism if the rental transaction was paid with your DSB credit card

For further information regarding the benefit programs from MasterCard:

DSB Classic creditcard

DSB Gold creditcard

To apply for a DSB credit card you need to:


  • be a USD account holder
  • present valid identification

Tips for using your credit card


  • Keep the PIN code received with your DSB credit card secure at all times. Never reveal the code to others, not even when you are asked for it.
  • To prevent unauthorized use, we advise you destroy the PIN mailer containing the PIN, after having read your PIN
  • Allow no one to look over your shoulder when withdrawing money
  • Always save your DSB credit card in the plastic covers provided so as to prevent damaging your card
  • Keep your DSB credit card away from magnetic fields such as High Voltage
  • In case of loss or theft of your DSB credit card it is important to immediately cancel the card via::

    • DSB Phone Banking at (+597) 420420
    • DSB Internet Banking
    • In the USA please call 1-800-627-8372

For more information call our call center at 471100 ext. 1279, 1307 and 1321.
For more information regarding the use of your DSB credit card, go to: additional credit card information.